How I Got Started Programming

Some people may argue that programming sucks or is hard. For me, programming started out as a fun hobby for after school projects. My first desire to program occurred to me after reading an article in PC Games magazine that described how one could write a simple game in Visual Basic. At that point, I decided to write games in Visual Basic. I still have my original Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Learning Edition CD-ROM



Of course my first few creations were pretty lame. However, I had more fun creating games and worlds than playing them. After High School, word got out to my friends that I was a programmer and people wanted custom software written for them. So, one of my first applications was a custom piece of software written for a fellow minister in seminary.


From that point forward, I kept writing small apps and utilities until I finally got a full time job writing enterprise applications. Today, the world is much different than it was. The .NET framework is taking over much of the application development world with stiff competition With Java as well. Who knows what the future holds for programmers.