Spreadsheet Logic in the Cloud

Is your company in the cloud? Too afraid to implement Windows Azure or Amazon Cloud Services? Well, If you Google Docs offers a basic cloud-based document management system. Using Google Spreadsheet, a business can automate certain tasks like document queue, reporting and approval. For example, using Google’s Data API, a .NET application can be written to process files and move them from one location to another on the network, starting with a simple Google form submission. One can useĀ a spreadsheet where each row represents a datagroup and it’s status. The datagroup is managed from a Windows service that updates it’s status in the Google doc everytime a process occurs.

No need to have dozens of spreadsheet files scattered across the network. It’s very easy to integrate the Google Data API into a .NET application. There shouldn’t be a need for Excel files and VB macros when you can manage all of that Google’s Cloud.