Helpful PhoneGap Resources

I recently had the pleasure of attending a PhoneGap training event held by the RocknCoder in Burbank, CA. Since I’ve already published several iPhone and Android apps for PhoneGap, I was expecting to go deeper into the framework. Below are some useful things I learned:

  • JQuery Mobile does not do smooth scrolling very well. iScroll solves that problem using CSS transforms.
  • Apache Ripple is a web based mobile emulator.
  • You can use a custom build Android VM to replace the sluggish emulator.
  • Handlebars looks like a better templating engine than Knockout, especially when working on single page applications. Combine Handlebars with Backbone for routing and binding your view model to a model retrieve from  a RESTful web sevice.
  • MAMP is a great alternative LAMP server for OSX.