Quick Reads on the Web

  • On Agile: I overheard someone say once that Agile is just a series of small waterfalls. Here is a PDF of software methods used over history starting from 1960. See any patterns?
  • IEEE Software: “Fundamental Facts about Software Engineering“, this short article is about people and complexity and how estimation is often premature.
    • “The most important factor in attacking complexity is not the tools and techniques that programmers use but rather the quality of the programmers themselves.”
    • “Quality is not the same as satisfying users, meeting requirements, or meeting cost and schedule targets. However, all these things have an interesting relationship: User satisfaction = quality product + meets requirements + delivered when needed + appropriate cost. Trying to improve one quality attribute often degrades another. For example, attempts to improve efficiency often degrade modifiability”
  • Javascript: Understand what promise chain composition really is and how to do it effectively without nesting them in loops. Also checkout promise anti-patterns.

For not quick reads, there are a ton of amazing, time tested Kindle books by Weinberg here: http://www.geraldmweinberg.com/Site/Kindle.html that are worth checking out.