Web Summary of the Day

On dynamic versus static typing: “fully expressive language is one that supports the delicate interplay between static and dynamic techniques. Languages that force only one perspective on you, namely the dynamic languages, hobble you; languages that admit both modes of reasoning enable you and liberate you from the tyranny of a single type. Let a thousand flowers bloom!” (https://existentialtype.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/dynamic-languages-are-static-languages/)

Agile was never meant to be commercialized. Agile is a set of values, not a certification. One blogger boils it down to: “Being resolute to work with others to always steer to the next possible “better” seems to work nicely.” (http://zuill.us/WoodyZuill/2014/03/31/to-me-this-is-agile/)

Learn to negotiate well behind the keyboard.

For fun, here is an API for insulting people: http://pleaseinsult.me
If you don’t have a Mac, but need one, you can now run one on the cloud: http://www.macincloud.com


Migrating a Legacy Repository from SVN to Git on Windows

There may come a time when you stumble upon an ancient SVN repository nested with multiple projects and need to efficiently collaborate with others on a single project in that repository. Well, we all know Git is better than SVN in many ways. It’s faster and the decentralized, distributed nature of Git provides better security and redundancy. We all remember the story of codespaces.com, where a single hacker hacked into their Amazon servers in the cloud and they were forced to shut down. All users who had their single SVN repository on codespaces.com lost it all.

There is a simple tool that migrates SVN to Git quite well. Atlassian has provided documentation on how to do this with their custom tool, however it’s slow and does not work well on Windows. Using the svn2git gem, migrating a 400MB SVN repository is a breeze and only takes a few minutes.

  • Download the Ruby for Windows installer.
  • Download the svn2git gem: gem install svn2git.
  • Create a new empty folder for the git repository
  • Run svn2git.bat <svn-project-sub-path> –no-minimize-url
  • Be sure to add a .gitignore file then, commit and push to the remote origin.

That’s it! Still need to keep your SVN repository in sync for some strange reason? Check out the SmartGit Client.

Code as Poetry

I was once asked to write a poem during a job interview submission. I found that quite humorous. My thoughts went to towards structuring code as poetry. I turns out I’m not the only one who thinks this is an art form. Below is a poem I found by Paul Illingworth.


Although I don’t agree completely with the statement this poem makes, I wish there were a collection of other related code poems for perusing.