On Personality Science

What does your personality say about your greatest fears and motivations? After viewing the Pluralsight course on “Human Behavior for Technical People,” I started wondering how my personality affects how I write software. From a psychological stand point, do I stay away from cutting edge languages and frameworks because I prefer things that are safe and sound? If so, is that why I don’t enjoy being an early adopter of technology? The more I ponder the implications, the more I see. For example, my Enneagram personality type is 4, The Individualist. You can take the test yourself (There are tons of other personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). I realized then that I often try to individualize the way I program to the point of ignoring common conventions and standards just to carve my own path and be different from others. The can be a good thing or a bad thing. As an individualist, I know I need to express my creativity but still listen to the common wisdom of the “grey beards” and not get too carried away by my own curiosity. Understanding how your personality affects how you write code not only gives you a lens into your own fallacies but also a better understanding of why other programmers in your team write code the way they do.