Start Tracking What’s Important to You

It’s always import to have the facts, the raw data. This simple truth is vital whether you are planning to relocate or manage your health. Below are some ways you can manages your life with software.

  • Financial goals can be managed using the Simple – Better Banking app
  • Drinking water is very important. I personally love coffee and probably drink 2 cups for every cup of water. However, there are apps for tracking your water intake. Use them daily.
  • Track your steps with a mobile app or pedometer. You will walk more know your steps are being tracked. When you do walk more, you will be able to brag about it.
  • Track your computer usage time with RescueTime.
  • Analyze your coding habits in real-time with: I’m still experimenting with it, but it looks promising.

If you’re a programmer interested in tracking your health goals, I highly recommend visiting the Healthy Programmer.