What I Learned This week

Personal Development

Productive learning solutions has some great personal development workshops in San Juan Capistrano. In one of their Thursday night sessions, I recalled that your personal “why” or reason for pursuing goals does not have to be a single all encompassing reason. Often, it can be overwhelming just to think of one. Your “why”, as to why you are doing something can be decent, “good enough” and sound. It’s more important that you eliminate resistance and soften the load during hard times, rather than define a very large purpose. This will make it easier going through the hard times when you question your why. It’s more important that you have logical reasons that reduce the “lag” or “weight” of the pressure of your goals. The key is increasing awareness (consciousness) is to be more aware of opportunities as you expect them. Focus on enlarging your awareness such that you are open to seeing new opportunities. Perhaps through mindfulness meditation, this can be accomplished.

Software & Programming

iText is an open source and commercial PDF library. You can view videos on the iText Summit here: http://itextpdf.com/summit.php. These are great to watch if you work with PDFs.

Great quote on writing emails:

“This means our voice, and the voice of our companies, are often going to be discovered and engaged with via the copy of our services, the content of our social media channels and the clarity of our emails…Writing can be intimidating, even challenging. But I believe it will be an increasingly important medium for getting work done and convincing others of our ideas. Steve [Jobs] was a master of the medium and I’m glad we’ve gotten a small peek into how he used it.”” (http://bryce.vc/post/51153368915/writing-as-a-competitive-advantage)

Need a generic data mapper? Altova MapForce generates C#/Java code when doing any to any data mapping. Liquid XML Data Mapper is another powerful data mapping and xml mapping tool that allows you to map between xml documents and then transform your data.