What I Learned This Week

  • Twitter has a soft 2,000 follower limit. The limit actually depends on the number of users following you. This is very disappointing. It actually makes we want to write my own social media scraper to download tweets myself. This would be  a nice Node.JS project.
  • Personal change comes by using your mind over matters of fear.
  • Is HTML5 mobile development good enough? LinkedIn doesn’t think so. The reason? Adequate, professional tooling does not exist for HTML5 mobile development.
  • How do you know you are really building an MVP? An MVP is primarily built  to test assumptions on a customer. You should fake functionality as much as possible, so that it appears as magic to person you are testing it with. The purpose is to learn from sample data, and only build what will help determine if your idea is successful or not.
  • Just finished attending the first Think and Grow Rich Summit in Del Mar, CA. Learned a lot and got inspired. Highly recommend it if you are into personal development.