What I Learned This Week

Wiil Wright, creator of Sim City 2000 gives his talk on creating the game.

  • His vision for games – create a group of products which let users exchange/port/re-use their creations within each game. 
  • Allow users to create small sets of their own data, and make that data shareable across multiple games and combine them to make a much larger world. How can we apply this concept to user generated content on mobile apps?
  • User generated content should be resuable and have multiple applications.
  • Build things to allow other people to build things

GP Walsh, a Law of Attraction coach and ex-computer programmer, shared his insights in a free mini-course.

  • Attracting what you want means adjusting your character, personality and self first.
  • Attracting your desires will cause situations to come into your life to prepare you for what you truly want.
  • Therefore realize, that a a process of internal change must occur for you to be ready to receive what you really want.

On Creativity:

  • Creative people are excellent observers. The difference between designers and developers is how they see and interpret the world.
  • Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” – Leo Burnett
  • Creativity lies in the power to do unusual (useful) things
  • Challenge you to stimulate your creativity on a daily basis. Try purchasing a daily Whack Pack.
  • There are creative thinking tests.
  • Everyone is creative every day in their life and everyone can improve their creativity so that it’s commercially interesting.

Week 15, 2013