Developers Should Write Less Code

In a particular Grok Talk, Bill Hollis talks about programmers having and addiction to writing code and claims that BDD is a symptom if such addiction. Anytime programmers get to write more code instead of architecture planning, design, or documentation is a means to fulfill their craving. I don’t particularly agree with his comments, however, I agree with taking on a mindset as a developer to always write minimalistic code. The less code you can write the better. It’s kind of a catch, as a developer you have to always suggest implementations that make your job as a developer less taxing. How do you write less code? Take advantage of trustworthy frameworks, considering buying a solution instead of building one, follow the DRY principle. A solution should always begin with the end result in mind. Working backwards, developers must consider the big picture while developing the internals. Whenever a point is reached on a project where hundreds of lines of code are required, the question of how it can be written with the least amount of code should be asked.

I wouldn’t doubt that your value would increase as a result of pitching your position to a manager as one whose role is to develop solutions with the least amount of code.