End of the Year Organization

So it’s the end of the year and I’ve finally decided to do the things I’ve put off. I’ve taken an organizational priority over my file system and done the following:

  1. Move all important files to local Dropbox sync folders. The initial free 3GB of storage is good enough for me. The benefit is I can now view my files across all devices, and feel better that they are being backed up. I had 3 desktop folders: Incoming, To Read, To Do, To Print and To Listen which had hundreds of files. I had to decide which ones I still wanted and which ones were now irrelevant.
  2. Setup GitHub on my Windows and Mac, install the respective clients and organize my source code into repositories. I’ve delayed this for a while and realize as a developer, I need to start structuring my source code project files better.
  3. Clean up my inbox. Although a zero inbox was not possible, I did manage to remove a ton of emails and labels which I no longer used. I also ran through all my contacts and purged the ones I no longer found value in.
  4. Re-value existing content. I went through most of the files in my Google Drive and tried to figure out how to get the most value out of all my notes, articles and outlines. I deleted some files, and merged others for a future eBook, blog post or action item.
  5. Signed up for Evernote. Haven’t spent much time on it but
  6. Cleaned up my desktop. Stardock, the company that sells a Windows 8 Start Button, also has a desktop filing tool called Fences. I really enjoy organizing my desktop items into categories.
  7. Experimented with JetBrains IntelliJ. I plan on using this IDE instead of Eclipse for all future Android development.

I did all this or make room for more data next year. I plan on doing a better job of filing data into the right folders, and reading all those articles and eBooks which I wanted to read last year.

Also, I did a lot by the end of the year, I wish I could have done (or bought) more like the following:

  1. Buy a Chromebook and Nexus 7 tablet. I like the idea of a web-based IDE and always wanted to try it on a Chromebook.
  2. Get more productivity tools for Mac and Windows. For example TextExpander and better writing and development tools.
  3. Build a PC gaming rig. Games these days are so intense that you just can play them on a laptop with an Intel graphics card.