Mobile Document Imaging Must Rise

These days phones are equipped ever ever increase high-quality cameras giving document imaging capability to mobile devices.

With AIMTools, a new mobile imaging SDK for iOS and Android devices, developers can now create mobile applications to view 12-bit grayscale images and also gain more control over output of image data than is offered by the mobile JPEG library.

The AIMTools Lossy JPEG decompress library enables developers writing mobile applications to work with all of the data in the 12-bit image, no longer requiring them to convert on the server to an 8-bit image for display. Until now, applications converted 12-bit images to 8-bit on the server prior to sending the images to a mobile display device. This conversion resulted in image data loss before the image even got to the mobile device.

AIMTools also provides more granular control of lossy JPEG decompress output than is available on iOS and Android. Developers can now output directly to a thumbnail on decompress or decompress a specific crop rectangle of the image. Additionally, color support is available for RGB and CMYK JPEG decompression on mobile devices.

Even iText has a mobile framework for handling PDFs. With so much power available in these small devices, the great challenge now becomes pushing enterprises, who are notorious for being decades behind in the latest technology, into this new frontier.